IQShare was founded in 2004 with one mission: to create an easy cost effective way for corporations to acquire knowledge by supplying industry leading technology trainers.  We set the standard for training outsourcing and under the leadership of our management team and Board of Directors, we've grown to be the industry standard for knowledge acquisition.
• 100+ Trainers on Agreement
• Trainers Registered and Certified
• Hundreds of courses offered
• 500,000 Students Taught
• 10,000 Classes Delivered
• Trusted since 2004
• Leading partners include Microsoft, IBM,
   Cisco and HP
• Training Choice for Many of the Fortune 500
Bryan VanSickle, President

Bryan VanSickle is the founder of IQShare and spearheads the company's corporate sales functions.  Bryan has been a consistent top performer in selling and delivering corporate training and educational consulting services for over 16 years. Most recently, Bryan served as Vice President of Sales for ExecuTrain. Bryan has also Co-founded the companies Integrate Technology Institute and Hensmann Learning (now known as LeaderQuest). Bryan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the  University of Colorado.
Bill Nicholson, Vice President

Bill brings extensive experience in risk management, security and international training to IQ Share Global. He is a retired law enforcement professional with over 20 years of supervisory and investigative roles with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he served in numerous countries across the globe. Bill recently led FBI efforts in the northern Caribbean where his primary role was to oversee all FBI national security, criminal, and liaison matters. Specifically, Bill led significant cyber, counterterrorism and criminal investigations through skillful management of relationships between the FBI and foreign law enforcement and intelligence partners. He forged an extensive network of professional contacts and resources, while understanding the myriad of challenges and resources that exist among such a diverse network of people and cultures. Bill coordinated all training and investigative efforts in seven countries that also included cyber, counterterrorism, and white collar crime.

Bill has a Proven ability to work with law enforcement, international intelligence organizations and private sector entities to identify security risks and implement mitigation strategies.

Prior to his career with the FBI, Bill served with the United States Marine Corps as a Naval Aviator for twelve years. He is a graduate of Boston University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications.
Michele Winters

Michelle has thrived managing the operational side of the IT Training industry since 1997. With over 15 years experience Michelle has seen and managed it all. Michelle oversees the day to day operations in the learning environment: accreditation's, marketing, managing instructors and students, creating and maintaining relationships with customers, Accounting, policies and procedures. She has a broad spectrum of experience within the compounds of the IT Learning industry that go beyond the classroom. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from University of Colorado.
Robert A. Wonnett, Director of Student Success Advisor

Robert A. Wonnett, has worked over 35 years in public service in Colorado. He recently left full-time employment with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs to work on his research on the legal interpretation of campus place types in relation to prevailing public forum doctrine.   Robert was Vice Chancellor for Student Success at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Wonnett holds bachelor's and master's degrees from CU-Boulder, a master's degree in public administrationfrom CU-Denver, and a law degree from the University of Denver. Robert is also completing his PhD in architecture and urban planning
Steve Magoon, Director of Client Relations

For more than 20 years, Steve Magoon has been sharpening his teaching skills in a variety of environments and industries. 

Since 1997, classrooms full of eager students have benefited from Steve's dynamic instruction.  Whether the topic is technical in nature or personal growth and development oriented, participants enjoy the learning process.  His contagious enthusiasm ensures the practice of the content in their lives long after the course is over.  "Steve was so energetic and knowledgeable about how I would use the application that it seemed like the class was customized for me" said one student.  "Steve did a great job!  I just wish the class was a bit longer" said another.

Steve, also, has a proven ability to work with corporations that have content but are short on the "trainer" resource. His ability to facilitate information that is specific to a company or an industry and have the classroom relationship seem transparent to the participants, is something that not many trainers can or are willing to do.

Steve was educated at the University of North Carolina – Asheville and received his Masters from Regis University - Denver CO. His unique background provides participants with an enhanced and comprehensive vision of their own, and their company's, commitment to developmental success.

MCP = Microsoft Certified Professional                              CDEI = Certified Distance Education Instructor

Patrick Sanford, Director of Technical Training

Pat Sanford serves as the Director of Training Development, a position he has held since 2004. In this role, he provides management oversight to organizational development services, career development programs, a comprehensive company wide training program and co-directs Workforce Planning. He coordinates IQShare's participation in system wide development programs and represents IQShare in engagements with peer functions across the US and abroad.

Prior to his current role Patrick was a trainer and internetworking consultant for over 15 years. Individuals wanting a new career and changed the philosophy in many corporations about the need to stay current on their security and their security training. In that time he has changed the paths of countless individuals wanting a new career and changed the philosophy in many corporations about the need to stay current on their training. He has trained both individuals and corporate IT personnel on everything from Cisco and Microsoft Windows to all the latest security technologies. He is considered one the foremost experts in the security field and has been contracted out to some of the biggest corporations around the world to train their trainers and staff to secure their networks.
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